War-Xing refers to the activity of publicly accessing computer systems or wireless networks. This X may also refer to the specific activity that depends on the activity of accessing. The following examples will illustrate it. Detection of the computer system connected to the telephone is done by dialing every number using area code and this process is referred to as war-dialing, here dialing refers to the specific activity. Similar to this term there are many terms such as war-walking, which explains the search of the wireless device by a fully equipped person with laptop and other needed devices.

War-running, war-cycling, war-flying are the terms which are self explanatory. War-toothing is the process of detecting wireless device using blue tooth technology. The term war-chalking refers to the act of labeling a discovered network so that the others can notice the open network and can have the details about it. This idea originated from the old school hobo chalking symbols. The term war-strolling refers for the scanning through foot by carrying the relevant device such as laptop with the person who is scanning. The original term is war-dialing from which all these terms aroused.

Specific computer programs and hardware are used for this process of war-Xing. The network discovery software is usually used. This uses the detection of computer systems using 802.11b, 802.11a and 802.11g.

This is usually prepared for the only main purpose that is portability. If the computer has to be powered for war-driving, the AC inverter is used for powering and recharging the computer. Wireless extension cards are needed, which could be got by antenna which helps to extend the range.

To map out the co-ordinates of the WLANs, the GPS device is used. The comprehensive understanding of how each technology works will be provided by the developing practical wireless applications. The first step for this process includes the preparation of the map by downloading for the GPS drive. This could be done by putting the drive in the position mode and download map command is used. Before downloading the map the route is perfectly planned and then only the downloading process will be effective. You could use GMS or GPRS modem to access the internet though it is too expensive, there is no other go to carry out such process.

In the case of war-dialing, one method is creating an automatic program which dials a block of phone numbers and thereby accessing the wireless connections with that of the phone. Another method is that the repeated calling of a single phone number, if some one is logged off the service. But this needs lots of technical knowledge. While handling wireless computers, we must be careful that without our knowledge our personal might be exposed to the outside world. So, one must be careful considering the security settings.

There are lots and lots of access points of which most of them are unsecured. So it is important to calculate the security of the access points rather than the number of points available. For the past two decades War-Xing is playing a major role in legal as well as illegal issues. Now even additional laws are formulated which would somewhat reduce the burden of the illegal problems.

There are different methods in War-Xing such as war-dialing which is also known as demon dialing, war-driving, war-walking, war-flying etc, among those, war-chalking gives more work for psychological issues. This gives good results.

The common public applications of WAPs are known as hotspots, where the wireless computers could be connected without regard of the particular network which they have attached for the moment. The combination has become common in large cities.


Source by Fredrick Joy