Adjust Lighting for Eye Friendly Computer Display


Have you ever thought of computer on which you can stay for a long time without affecting your eyes?

Computer Display Problems & Solutions


Is your computer is down only due to some display errors? You are facing major problem with simple solution. Display problems may cause due to some hardware related issues or from the driver supports. Checkout the list of common computer display problems: –         While playing games, sometimes picture get stretch or some bugs around in […]

A Wooden Computer Concept


This is just creativity in making of computer to use wood instead of metals. All other hardware is common except outer wooden material. Design is unique and ready to put in public. Here are the photos of wooden computer : Share with your Friends If you like this

Control Computer Commands by Thought


Technology is increasing day by day on world and here is one another example of it. A new software platform, developed by French scientists, demonstrated in a tech fest at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here, allows individual to control computer commands by just a ‘thought’. Acting as an interface designed to translate what […]

Auto adjust your monitor brightness

Do you spend lots of time in front of a computer? Do you want to protect your eyes…[-]

Sony will stop selling Floppy Disks and its history

Today’s article will remind you about old computer days when we used to carry Floppy Disk…[-]

What should I buy Desktop computer or Laptop

This is the question asked by everyone before buying a new computer. I myself asked this question to many people before I bought my new computer….[-]