Tips for getting likes on Facebook


In today’s world every brand has a presence on Social Media. Therefore, one of the fastest and easiest ways to judge the brand’s strength is to check the number of likes its Facebook page has. Moreover, getting higher number of likes is indicative of overall stronger brand relationships as well as greater audience approvals. Getting […]

Path, a Social Networking on the Rise


Path recently leveled up the search function in social networks in more ways than you can imagine coming from Facebook’s Timeline or from Twitter and Instagram. Just this December, this messaging and media-sharing service launched innovative search features which further bolstered its claim as “the smart journal” for mobile communication devices. With this new addition […]

#Instaquitters Rage on Instagram’s Terms of Service


Scrolling down to see new photos posted by friends, one pic is a picture of his hand holding a note that said: “I am not posting my pics on Tadaa, Eyeem and Streamzoo. Join me.” Such messages have been appearing lately after Instagram released their new terms of service. According to Instagram’s policy, it has […]

Microsoft Retires Live Messenger, Changing Online Chat Landscape


Depending on your age, you are likely either intimately familiar with Windows Live Messenger, once known as MSN Messenger, or it is a recognizable name of no importance. Either way, it is now gone, never to be used again by chatty teens or communicative professionals again. Microsoft officially announced today that Windows Live Messenger will […]

Facebook Tests Wants and Collections


In their continued effort to generate revenue, especially given the ongoing trouble being face by their stock, Facebook is testing the ability to allow users to create wish lists on business pages via “want” and “collect” buttons. The buttons are popping up on some business pages, allowing users to create collections of items that catch […]

Facebook Celebrates 1 Billion Users


The world’s most active social media platform just keeps adding to its user total; in a first for any service of any kind, Facebook has announced that it has reached one billion users. Taking place on September 14, 2012 but not spoken about publicly until now, the milestone highlights the off-the-charts popularity of social media […]

3 Beautiful Social Media Pages for Business


Taking advantage of social media is a no-brainer for modern businesses, allowing them to connect with the public on a platform that they are comfortable with and leaving an impression that every business hopes will lead to increased brand-awareness and sales. Unfortunately, setting up a social media page for your business that commands the attention […]

Facebook Employees Forced to Use Android App


In a move meant to ensure that the people behind Facebook’s Android offering work as hard and fast as possible, Business Insider is reporting that Facebook is forcing all of its employees to exclusively use the company’s Android app for business communication. While Facebook’s iOS app, used on the iPod, iPhone and iPad, has been […]

Facebook Finalizes App Center, Verifies Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom Pleads with Twitter

Facebook has announced that its App Center is now available to all 955 million of its monthly users in every corner of the globe, an announcement that was delivered solely via Twitter, ironically enough. With a month of rollouts behind them, the world’s most popular social network has better positioned itself to compete on the […]

Facebook Phone by HTC Coming in 2013


Mark Zuckerberg denies it while the entire tech world speculates daily about the possibility of its existence – meanwhile, no one has been able to say with any certainty whether or not a Facebook-branded mobile phone was in the works. Until now, that is. Bloomberg news service, generally a very reliable source of inside information, […]