It is rare that we hear a Facebook community that have not heard of Bejeweled Blitz before. Bejeweled Blitz is a great puzzle game that was made by Pop Cap, the same developers that brought you the 2009 award winning game Plants vs Zombies.

First thing I noticed in Bejeweled is that the gameplay has changed a bit after a few months never playing it. With the new added feature as earning gold coins and buying boosting for power ups.

Now we look at the basic gameplay. Bejeweled Blitz is like any typical puzzle game found in Facebook. However, what makes it most interesting here it that the game was originally made for home PC by Pop Cap and was brought to Facebook as a promotion to their company and other game lineup. This is a good strategy as Bejeweled is a game that is highly addictive and fun to play with. Rarely people will get bored with it, only frustrated and hair pulling at times.

The game works like any other puzzle game you know of. As your main goal to this game is to score as high as possible in just 1 minute under 1 round and yes, it is only 1 round. The game usually consists of various color gems around the screen and you need to get the gem in either 3 to 5 lines together to score. As you destroy the current gems, new one will be drop down for you to destroy.

With the given time of 1 minute the game started really slow at first, but once you reach to half the time provided, players will eventually start to panic and try to complete as many combination as they can. Along the way special power up will be available for the players and this is depending on players' effort as well.

For the power up, players will need to combine at least 5 gems with the same combination in under 1 line, vertical or horizontal depending on the situation. There are 5 types of power up available for the game.

Flame Gem will make a big explosion to an area around it and destroy any gems around the area of explosion. Very useful if you have at least 2 to 3 of this gem together. To gain this gem one must get 4 gems in a line.

Star Gem, this is created by matching 5 gems in an “L” or “T” shape. The effect of Star Gem is to unleash its power by removing one column and one row of gems from the board.

Hypercube is the power up which players find it most useful. This is one power up that unleashes its power by destroying one color gem in the game. It is most useful feature is to combine with Flame Gem and Multiplier Gem, this allow player to get a lot of score points and also credits depending on the gem that you destroy.

Multiplier Gem is a gem that provides boost of score when use. Either comes with 2 times up to 4 times, depending on luck.

Gold Gem is the newest collection to the game. This gem allow player to get gold credits which allow players to buy extra boost to assist in this game.

After each round, players will be presented with a result of how they perform in the last game. Beat your high score and you will be rewarded with a medal that will allow you to show it to all your friends. Credits earn from previous games can be brought forward to purchase new power up (Boost)to be use in the next game and this boost will last at least 3 rounds before it is being reset.

Players are advice to use mouse for this game as it is more responsive and easier to navigate then using the touch pad.

Bejeweled is a very colorful game as the gems are display in various shapes and color. Animation in this game is also very good as you will see explosion and lightning effects depending on the power up that you used.

Bejeweled Blitz has a very good sound in this game, but lacking on the music part a bit. Sound make by exploding and destroyed gems is very fun and once your counter reach to the last 10 second, players will be pressured to score as much as possible before it hits 0.

This is a very addictive game that will keep anyone playing for hours. Furthermore with score trees provided by the developers, this game will push players to beat their previous high score and also to get to the top of the ladder of top 10 players in the game.

Personal score to this game is 5 out of 5, well done Pop Cap.

Source by Mabel Lee