“Please don’t censor the web”: Google


A very big censorship issue around Indian govt and world to make a cut on few social websites like google.

4 Best Internet Speed Test Tools for You


Wondering about your Internet Speed? Read On…

3 Things to Check to Make Sure Your Cable Internet is Okay


The cable internet has been in existence for decades now, and has gone through a lot of experimental and developmental stages, and as a result making it one of the best and most predominant forms of internet access in the world today.

All Web Browsers at One Place


Using latest version of your favorite web browser is always helpful for generic public.

Find Your Favorite Files on Internet For Free


Have you lost your favorite file from your personal computer? No problem here is the solution. I just found the best file search engine on internet that can find almost all files you want with all active download links. From General Files search engine you can easily search any videos, music files or games and […]

Make kiss on Internet by smooching machine


You can find all things on internet nowadays but this thing is different, you will say “ohhhh…..” after reading this. Japanese inventors makes a smooching machine from which people can kiss on internet. The device, created by the Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications, consists of a hardware receptacle that is placed into the […]

Google Rules Internet

Everyone knows about Google and its popularity but only few think about it in details… The Google Search is the company’s most popular service. According to market research published by comScore in November 2009, Google is the dominant search engine in the United States market, with a market share of 65.6%. Google indexes billions of […]

Most Popular Language On Internet

We take it for granted that the most popular language on the Internet is English, since, after all, the Internet was an American creation. But thanks to the huge number of Internet users that China is adding each year, English will soon be replaced by Chinese as the most popular language on the Internet. Last […]

How to Increase your Internet Browsing Speed

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Is your internet running slow than before? Now a days people need more fast internet speed to browse and save their time. There are still many places in the world using Modem connection speed 56 kbps….[-]

Free in-home wireless broadband from Google TiSP


Google has introduced their new TiSP broadband service. It is completely free. You will get installation kit, setup guide, fiber optic cable, router and CD.