The Disney Pixar Cars movie has fans all over the world of all ages, in particular people love the character of Lightning McQueen. Children love listening to music on their own CD player. So why not combine the two? Well, the Lexibook Cars CD Player does exactly that. Fashioned in the shape of the character of Lightning McQueen, this CD player is bound to appeal to the Cars fan in your life.

Unlike the real Lightning McQueen this model only actually only has two wheels as the car is sort of compressed to make it work as a CD player. It does, however, have all the familiar styling being bright red and has the various “Rusteze” stickers. Not to mention Lightning's smiling face of course.

The wheels fold out (if you want to) and act as the speakers. The speakers have an output of 1.5W each, so clearly not the most powerful system in the world, but easily enough for young children. As a parent, not being too loud could be seen as a good thing. Children may want a louder system when they get older, but you may as well make the most of quieter volumes while you can. The CD loads from the top of the unit, i.e. it lifts up from the windscreen. This model is obviously designed for children (although the manufacturer states that it is not suitable for children under the age of 6) so the controls are very easy to use.

This unit also includes a radio so your child can listen to their favourite radio stations as well. It has a telescopic antenna for improved radio reception. It has an analogue tuner so younger children may need help to find the station they want.

This model is powered by either six 9V batteries (not included) or by mains power. An AC adapter is included, but it only has two pins, so you will need to buy a two to three pin adapter. This is a small irritation, but clearly not insurmountable as these are widely available.

Clearly many children like to link their favourite movie or cartoon characters with functional items and the Lexibook Cars CD Player fits with this trend. It should certainly fit in well with other Cars d├ęcor in your child's bedroom.

This model is sensibly priced as it is intended for children, it is well made and should make any Cars fan happy.

Source by Mark Daymond