Review: SteelSeries Stratus – The new way to play games on iPad


Good news for iPad users for those who want to play games on their iPad, SteelSeries Stratus is a great solution. Most iPad users may wonder how they can play games using a controller like iPhone users. Introducing SteelSeries Stratus, the first Bluetooth controller which lets you play games on your iPad, this device costs […]

2013: Apple Introduces a Mini Version of the iPad


Apple’s iPad has a ‘mini me’ and it’s called the iPad Mini. The smaller version of the iPad has a screen size of 7.9 inches but the internal specifications are almost the same as the iPad 2. Both the iPad 2 and the iPad Mini have 1024 x 768 resolutions but the Mini’s pixel density […]

iPad Mini in November?


Continuing with today’s theme of Apple news and rumors, word on a release date for the long-rumored iPad Mini has hit the web along with news that a fourth-generation full-sized iPad may join in on the fun at the very same time. Rumors of an iPad tablet with a reduced form factor and 7″ screen […]

iPad vs. Textbooks (Infographic)

iPads vs. Textbooks (Infographic)

Given how important continuing education is to all us of, whether we’re tech enthusiasts or IT professionals, is working to focus more on the learning experience. We started with our first of many free course listings yesterday and today comes an interesting infographic that explores the possibility of the Apple iPad overtaking and replacing […]

The $10,000 First-Gen iPad

The prototype in question fetched $10,200 on eBay

Would you shell out $10,000 for a first generation iPad? While the vast majority of us would answer with a resounding “no,” an American buyer made just such a purchase over the weekend for a prototype iPad with the long-rumored two dock connectors instead of one. The only one of its kind ever seen in […]

Apple iPad international launch on May 28

Now its a great news for all future Apple iPad lovers. Now Company has..[-]

Apple iPad features Specification and its Prices

Recently Apple has released their most awaited gadget of this year and it is Apple iPad. Apple iPad is a computer. Apple iPad is your secondary notebook.  Why? Well read below and you will get all the answers. Apple iPad Features with Complete Specification– 1) Apple iPad has 9.7 inch LED multi touch screen. 2) […]