It is always nice to find accessories to use with your iPad 2 that make it more portable or can add to the ways you can use or store your device. There are a lot of cases out there that offer stellar protection for your device. But when you find something really versatile that will give you even more from your iPad 2, then it is definitely worth checking out.

One such accessory is the Speck HandyShell Case and Stand for iPad 2.

One area of concern with any case that offers more of a stand than just a very simple one you quickly put together by folding the case cover into different positions is that it will be too bulky. Some stands that are attached on the outside of the case may loosen after using for a while and keep swinging out from the case and catching on things or even break off completely. And what about the grip on a case that has a separate stand stored on the outside? It may make the grip uncomfortable or just awkward to hold.

To eliminate all of these concerns, discover how completely well designed and ultra versatile the HandyShell Case can be for you.

This case is unique in that the stand, although stored on the outside of the case, is something you can use for a lot more than just a stand.

The stand is really a “ring” that you snap out of its storage area on the back of the case and then move around to perform many different functions. When you flip it out of its storage area, you can slide your thumb through the ring for a secure grip which will guarantee that the device will not drop. Since it moves around, you can adjust the angle of the thumb “ring” for a custom fit and custom comfort.

When you do use the ring as a stand, it flips out and holds your device in portrait fashion, or by simply swiveling it around, it will hold your iPad 2 in a landscape format, as well. It also serves as a great typing stand, giving you the perfect viewing angle.

You can use the ring as a sturdy hook to hang your device up either for viewing or keeping up and out of danger from damage.

The case itself is a classic Speck design, giving you excellent hard-shell protection for your device. The HandyShell also protects your touchscreen with an extended bevel. The case is sleek and super portable, especially with the exclusive ring stand, which stores snugly in place on the back of the case. There are ridges on the back of the case which gives you a firm and comfortable grip.

This is a really nice-looking case with a very cool and super versatile design. You will enjoy all the different ways you can use the stand, in addition to getting full protection for your iPad 2.

Source by Charlie Breans