How to protect your smartphone from viruses


These days none of the smartphones and tablets is safe from viruses, malware and trojans. Moreover, hackers and intruders are getting smarter and creative day by day. This means that several viruses and malwares are being introduced in the market on daily basis. These intrusion mediums are very dangerous. They not only corrupt your device […]

Protect Your Files from Virus Even in Pen/Flash Drive


..Virus!? Damn just switch off computer directly, restart in safe mode, antivirus not working…You may do like this as viruses are common problems that has been occurs in day to day life if you don’t have knowledge about its removal process or prevention tips. You will forget about viruses after reading this post as it […]

Using Chrome Extension in Incognito mode


The best things which I really like about Google Chrome are flexibility, fast and its quite famous Incognito mode…[-]

WP Security Scan wordpress plugin review


Wordpress CMS is the first choice for every blogger. If you check their Download counter…[-]

Keep your photo videos secure on Facebook


Recently there was a report released about the Internet and according to…[-]

Gmail included account hijack alert for security


To add more security to your email accounts, Google Gmail recently included Account suspicious activity warning ..[-]

New Facebook password stealing email

I think this time hackers and spammer find their new destination and it is the most popular social network of the web…[-]

Browse safe with McAfee site advisor


You must have heard about McAfee site advisor before. Well If not then I will tell you What it is and How it works.

Hide your email address from spam and hackers

Everyday when I check my mailbox, I find so many junk mails. Many times my good important mails find their place in spam folder too….[-]

Tips to protect your email accounts and keep them safe


Everyone use some email service to communicate with other people. I have seen many people who save their important credit card, bank details and other sensitive information on their email.