If you have been keeping track of the new age microphones in the market then you must have heard about USB microphones. These are the new developments in the field of technology and they come very handy in terms of use and function. These microphones are now quickly replacing the older versions of computer microphones which needed extra plug ins, amps, etc for functioning for high quality sound recording and clarity. Like every other product, there are pros and cons in these microphones as well. Read on to know more.

Advantages of USB microphones:

– They are excellent products to record songs and musical instrument sounds for professional use or to make demo CDs as well.

– They do not need extra power supply as they use the power of the computer itself.

– They are easily connected to the computer in a matter of minutes. They also do not need any extra amplifiers and plug in equipment to work.

– The sound clarity is high as compared to the normal computer microphones with or without headsets.

– They come with mounts or stands so that they need not be hand held. This makes it easier for musicians who record instrumental music.

– They are easily portable.

– They are durable, long lasting and do not break easily unlike older computer microphones.

– They come in cheap as compared to older microphones which needed to be bought with extra equipotent.

– They are compatible with Mac and personal computers and laptops as well.

Disadvantages of USB microphones:

– They cannot be connected and used with analog mixing boards.

– The cables which are available for these microphones are short in length which might be a problem for some of us who need long length cables.

They are almost as good as professional studio microphones so for practices, demos and self recordings, these microphones are great. They cut out the extra noise, help in clarity for even long distance video chat calls or online audio calls. Any additional features can be upgraded so that they work in sync with any new kind of software. Be it professional or personal use, these microphones can be use for all kinds of purposes. These USB microphones are easily available at computer hardware stores and even online. These dealers sell headsets with these microphones and they can be company specific as well. If you want to buy that microphone which is compatible with your computer and responds to its special software features, then you can place a personalized order as well.

Source by Holland Adam