Samsung Galaxy S3 Swarovski Edition


As if the mobile phone’s quad core CPU and marvelously sleek body is not classy enough, Samsung releases a Swarovski Edition designed by renowned gadget customizer Amosu Couture. For a price of about $3,400, you can have a Samsung S3 inlaid with 516 Swarovski crystals. It comes with an Amosu calf leather case to ensure safekeeping, in […]

The All New Affordable Chromebook


The Chromebook is a personal computer run by the Google Chrome operating system. They are known for their reasonable prices and speedy start up since the applications virtually run within the web rather than the conventional OS that operates in the PC itself. The third generation Chromebooks released in October last year are the latest […]

Google Unveils New ChromeBook

Google ChromeBook

Google has revealed its latest ChromeBooks, two Samsung made notebooks that resemble an ultrabook in their sleek, thin design, but lacking the power of a true personal computer. Intended for casual users such as web surfers and students, the new Samsung-made ChromeBooks sport Google’s Chrome OS, a web-based interface that alleviates the need for a […]

iPhone 5 Sold Out, Microsoft Plans Event + More

iPhone 5

This week has been a busy one in the world of consumer technology, made most notable by the official announcement of the Apple iPhone 5. Given the sheer power of that device to draw sales (more on that below), Apple’s competitors are taking the time to announce new products at a steady pace. Those competitors […]

Samsung Challenges Anew With Ativ S, Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Ativ S

Following its legal loss to Apple in the iPad-maker’s long running dispute with the company, Samsung has announced two new smartphones that promise to heat up the battle between the two for top spot in the mobile device manufacturing industry. The pair of freshly announced phones include the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung […]

Apple Wins Samsung Suit & iPad Mini in October?

Apple iPad Mini Mockup

After a long, drawn out court battle between the two companies, Apple has claimed a victory over Samsung with a ruling that acknowledges that Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents in its devices. Coming after a trial that saw everything from arguments over geometry to the trial judge wondering if Apple’s lawyers were indulging in crack-cocaine, […]

Is Apple Smoking Crack?

Is Apple Smoking Crack?

Judge Lucy Koh has etched her name in the history books as one of the most blunt trial judges in the world when she accused Apple’s legal team today of “smoking crack” during the company’s legal battle against rival Samsung. The comment came while the judge was reviewing a rebuttal witness list that stretched on […]

The Samsung Exhibit 4G Released this Month


T-Mobile has been trying to make smart phones more accessible to families by offering great and affordable phones, and the Samsung Exhibit 4G Android Phone definitely doesn’t disappoint. The Exhibit 4G has great features such as a 2 cameras, 3.7 inch screen, and quick processing speeds, and operates on Android 2.3. While the Samsung Exhibit […]