For a long time now, the pioneer brand has been associated with speakers and stereos. They continue this tradition today, creating some of the most modern and cutting edge electronics, DJ equipment, and many other things. Pioneer has created an amazing A/V receiver, which is known as the VXS-1019AH-K. This one has many of the features that the other VSX models have, but it stands alone due to it's affordability.


In regards to the Pioneer VXS-1019AH-K, it has many new technologies to offer which include HDMI. This means it can use the latest HDTV's and even take advantage of their capabilities. DVD's can actually be upscaled to take advantage of today's 1080p resolution.

The VXS-1019AH-Khas a built-in amplifier that you will find quite useful. It can divert 120 watts to the seven channels, and it supports Dolby TrueHD along with DTS-HD. Those who are well versed in the use of sound equipment can do some fine tuning which includes Phase Control, Acoustic Calibration, Symmetric EQ Standing Wave Control, and several others.

The device is also able to support the iPod, and it can even support a few Windows Mobile Devices. If you plug an iPhone into the USB port you will find that the VXS-1019AH-Khas support for these as well. To make it even better, the USB port can charge the phone rather easily.

There are quite a few different connections available, and these include HDMI among other things. These ports allow others to use the receivers for other tasks while a Blu-ray is being played back. This is the first time a receiver has had this type of functionality.


When it comes to this device, you aren't going to find very many disadvantages or weak points. What you will find however is that it can be a bit advanced for some users, the manual simply does not provide much help. Aside from this small drawback you are going to find that the Pioneer VSX 1019AH-K Receiver is one of the best receivers you can possibly buy.


There are a number of people out there who own an iPod or even an iPhone. With this device they are quite happy because it has a good GUI that helps them to navigate these devices and much more. The setup may be complicated, but the reward is quite worth it.

In Conclusion

If you want to streamline the setup process, then it would be best for you to interface the device with other pioneer products. Make sure you use the HDMI upscaler to your advantage, and most definitely consider this your last stop when it comes to receivers. It is only $550, and a worthy part of your home theater.

Source by Doge Naseh