Everyone loves music. Many of us have a hobby of playing different kinds of instruments. Some of us take it as a profession. Whenever we play an instrument, while it be jamming with others or just you, the sound of the instrument is quite low whenever we play it. Therefore, to make the instrument sound higher or to amplify it, we use amplifiers.

Amplifiers come very handy when it comes to playing instruments and amplifying their sound. There many kinds, but the most preferable are the tube amplifiers. These are made up of vacuum tubes and are responsible for amplifying the sound which the instrument produces. It is also called as a valve amplifier.

Why are tube amplifiers preferred

This type of amplifier is always preferred by every musician those who play classical rock music or a guitar. It is said that tube or valve ones produce a more natural sound whenever plugged into the instrument. Most of the time they are preferred over the digital ones because of the rich sound they produce. The only problem with them is that it comes to life or produces audible sound only when the volume is above three whereas digital amplifiers don't need that.

Tube amplifiers are generally preferred when you are playing instruments like the guitar. The main reason is that it provides a clean sound without any distortion. This kind of sounds is harder to reproduce in digital amplifiers. They are always adored by artists who play traditional rock music as the sound which the amplifier produces is more natural and much smoother. Tube amplifiers are also responsible for creating a vintage sound effect.

Problems with these amplifiers

The only problem with tube amplifiers is that they are hard to maintain. Although they are quite durable, they require a higher maintenance, especially the vacuum tubes which are the star of the show.

Yaqin amplifiers

For a good tube amplifier, Yaqin tube amplifier is one of the best ones. They are durable and come with a one-year warranty. It has a well wired circuit which is efficient. It also has a two-connection mode which are Triode and the Ultra Linear Amplifier. These connections come very handy whenever using the amplifier. These types of amplifiers have an output voltage of 500V which is a good thing. It has a good audio quality and provides a smoother, richer sound. The Yaqin amplifier is one of the best options found and recommended by many experts.

This amplifier comes in three colors. These colors are black, gold and silver. For this amplifier you have a variety of power tubes to choose unlike other tube amplifiers. This amplifier is also lighter compared to other tube amplifiers with a weight of 30 kgs. The product is highly durable and highly reliable. They are one of the best tube amplifiers which is recommended by many musicians. They are affordable and of good quality. Since these are kind of vintage, they are best suited for old type of music and instruments.


Source by Arthur Huang