Binaural beats are generated sound waves that can influence our mind and our consciousness. The results of listening to binaural beats will depend on exactly what frequencies the beats are producing.

When we purchase a binaural beats recording and tune in with our headphones, two different frequencies are presenting to our individual ears. The brain then automatically creates a third frequency which is the difference between the two presented. What mind state you are able to achieve will depend on which third frequency your brain creates.

Let's take an example:

  • If you wanted to experience a 6 Hz frequency you could play a 200 Hz tone in your right ear and a 206 Hz tone in your left ear. Your brain will compensate for the difference by creating a third tone of 6 Hz.

The reason we do not simply introduce a tone of 6 Hz to our ears in order to benefit from its effects is because we can normally only hear tones between 20 and 20,000 Hz. The frequency of 6 Hz would not even register. That is why scientists have researched and discovered alternative ways of producing the ultra low frequencies that in turn produce a multitude of positive results.

Knowing this it is important to understand what mind states the low frequencies can produce. Below is a list of well known frequencies and the mind states they are known to produce.

Over 40 Hz – Gamma waves that are typically associated with problem solving, perception, higher mental activity as well as fear and consciousness.

13 – 40 Hz – Beta waves that are mostly associated with active concentration, active or anxious thinking, arousal and cognition.

7 – 13 Hz – Alpha waves that are associated with relaxation and drowsiness.

4 – 7 Hz – Theta waves that are usually associated with dreams, REM sleep, deep meditation and healing.

Less than 4 Hz – Delta waves that are associated with deep dreamless sleep and loss of body awareness.

Slightly less than 4 Hz is as low as you would ever want to go. Should you reach 0 Hz you would be effectively brain dead.

Using binaural beats is 100% safe and totally effective. As long as you use a reputable product and an original raw binaural recording you should achieve altered states of consciousness easily and quickly. Now that you know which frequencies produce what it will be easier for you to choose the right brainwave entrainment product that will suit your needs.

Source by Claire Johnson