Bluetooth is an electronic communications technology, a short-range communication system for transferring data to and from fixed and mobile apparatus. It is used for establishing a wireless personal area network utilizing the radio technology known as the frequency hopping spread spectrum. The Bluetooth technology is applied in mobile phones, laptops, telephones, personal computers, GPS receivers, printers, video game consoles, and digital cameras.

Bluetooth technology has been in existence since 1999. This modern wireless innovation was named after a 10th-century Danish king with great liking for tooth-staining blueberries.

Bluetooth sounds intimidating to ordinary individuals but is actually a cheap gadget with simple uses. One of the most common usages is for wireless headsets. It enables hands-free communication, common to pilots. Headsets used to be bulky and heavy, but the introduction of Bluetooth made headsets lighter and more efficient now.

Cell phone owners with Bluetooth capabilities could take calls while driving. They could also do other jobs with their two hands while talking to somebody over the mobile phone. The wireless device has greatly reduced the rate of vehicular accidents.

There are two common categories of Bluetooth mono headsets. These are headsets with boom and units without this attachment. The extended microphone arching towards the mouth is the boom. This kind of headset model tends to be bulkier. Examples of the boom type headsets are Jabra BT500, Motorola H605, and the compact Motorola H700.

Headsets without boom are more popular these past few years. Aside from looking more fashionable, these headsets are more compact, smaller, and slender. Among the models without boom are the Nokia BH-801, Jabra JX10, Motorola H9 Miniblue, and the Motorola Razr H3. The amazing Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset has noise shield technology.

Bluetooth headsets are also in stereo. These headset models are similar in appearance and performance to wired counterparts. The kind of stereo headsets include Plantronics Pulsar 260 and Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970. Samsung SBH-170 and the Motorola S9 are behind-the-neck stereo headphones that provide high comfort and good sound quality.

There are few Bluetooth headsets integrating several functions in their designs. The Bluetooth headset that could switch from mono to stereo is the Jabra BT8010. A secondary earpiece is attached to have a stereo sound. Another headset is capable of working as a speakerphone, like the Kyocera Wireless Bluetooth headset with Speakerphone.

The headset is the most common application of the Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth headset has become an essential element in the ever-changing mobile and wireless communications.

Source by David Urmann