Sony DVP-NS508P is a flexible, affordable DVD player packed with great characteristics and is Region Free as well. You will get the ultimate entertainment experience from your cinema because it provides outstanding video and sound finess. One of the host new features of Sony DVP-NS508P is the The Precision Drive 3 system that lets you to playback some corrupted or retorted DVDs without a downgrade of quality of movies or photos. Even though it is a tremendous DVD player, people can use this versatile Sony as a mp3 or cd player. It has so many usable features such as sharing of favourite photos with friends, family or colleagues on special events. You will not regret choosing this new funky, stylish Home-theater sized DVD player as it is a original and harmonic supplement to your home TV.

Though it was meant for not American market, it gets very popular and among many tech-savvy Americans who prefer traditional Sony quality and service. Tried by many of our professional testers this one is a true winner for all movie enthusiasts who honor Sony tradition of extraordinary quality and extra service. So our recommendations for all who seek reliable trendy all region DVD player should decide to give it a shot.

We strongly recommend this hot new Sony model to all who look for a nice, stylish and reliable region free DVD player.

Playback Superior Picture Quality Precision Drive 3 / Custom Picture Mode / Sharpness Control TV Virtual Surround Fast / Slow Playback with Sound Multi Brand TV Control Remote Dolby Digital and DTS This unit has a built-in super high-quality 18Mb video converter thus person can play any DVD or Video CD movie flick on any TV all over the world.

Using the Precision Drive 3 System the lens change position every movie fun can expect quicker and exact error reparation for all corrupt discs.

Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP) unit detects image contraction at the pixel level and applies isolated algorithm to compute the steady and changing factors. This means that you see a sharper, smoother scenery than ever before, virtually free from motion disturbing artifacts.


Source by Peter Juto