When it comes to offline and online marketing, everybody knows Fred Gleeck. He is very active on the internet, a famous marketer, great speaker, an author, consultant and a very good coach. He spent at least 15 years in these fields. Aside from his title as a top expert in information marketing, there are a lot of things we should know about him and how he became the person that he is today.

Fred Gleeck was born in Japan but raised in the Philippines. He studied in Manila during high school and then pursued his college in the United States. He dreamed of becoming a professional golfer and was able to obtain it by playing with one of the best golf teams in North Carolina and until now he still plays a little. In 1975, Fred went to University of Florida and took a degree in Marketing and Psychology. He really loves to learn and so he then went to get his Master's Degree in The American Graduate School of International Management.

And now, in the internet marketing world, Fred Gleeck is one of the famous information marketers. He makes and sells information in the form of books, audios and videos. He helps others to sell their products. He has several websites and owns some software. He enjoys hosting seminars and speaking engagements. He even encourages clients to follow what he does. He enjoys being challenged by his work and he learns something new each time. He gets satisfaction from his work. Fred Gleeck is the right person to consult with if people want to know how to sell information products through the Internet.

Being a beginner in an online business is tough but in the case of Fred, he was very blessed that his first steps in the Internet marketing world were successful. Sometimes, those first timers who struggle on their way would have been quit but instead Fred studied more about marketing and accepted those challenges as a stepping-stone.

In 1984 Fred Gleeck launched his first seminar and it was very successful and since then he always arranges seminars and has been very successful. Fred separates his personal life from his business life. Selling information products and coaching people is simply business. His purpose teaching this kind of business is to help others and to share his excellent ideas on creating information products with his clients so that they can create their own books, audio and video programs. If anyone wants to create their own information products they should get in touch with Fred. Some of the characteristics of why many people like him are that he is sincere, knowledgeable, kind, helpful and humorous and service minded. People can see that he is indeed a real expert on what he does and the materials he makes. Even other famous information marketers have given testimonials to Fred Gleeck.

Fred Gleeck is the author of several books. He even wrote the book “The Consultant's Manual”. He keeps on writing good books for his clients. He is also known as one of the nation's top speakers. He's been doing this for many years now and the more he speaks, the more money he makes.

Fred has an open arm for those who need his help in the field of information marketing and he is willing to impart knowledge to learn information marketing with anyone that shows interest in this exciting field.


Source by Dean Peterson