Head phones are a personal device that allows you to listen to your favourite songs and rhythms at all times. Now, you need not carry those full-size speakers wherever you go. Head phones are commonly preferred for preventing other people from hearing the sound either for privacy or to avoid disturbance, while listening in a public place, dormitory, and library.

Sometimes the head phones, which fits very comfortably on one person could be completely annoying to the other. As the sound is directly related to the position of the speaker transducer near your ear, head phones sound different to different people based on how they are wearing them.

Head phones are a pair of transducers that receive an electrical signal from a media player or receiver and use speakers placed in close proximity to the ears to convert the signal into audible sound waves. Generally they are capable of producing a good level of sound quality. This is especially true in the bass or low frequency region, where loudspeaker-listening room interactions normally cause resonant nodes. Head phones with a good seal to the ears, can have an extremely flat low-frequency response down to 20 Hz within 3 dB. Closed back type head phones are also used to exclude external sounds, particularly in sound recording studios and in noisy environments.

Headset are a combination of head phones and microphone used for two-way communication, for example with a mobile phone. Choose your head phones type… Head phones are classified based on their designs and a wide variety of designs are available, each differing in their features and type of use. You can choose the one you want based on your individual needs and personal preference. Ear buds/Earphones – Such type of head phones are small in size and are placed directly outside the ear canal, without fully enveloping it. Ear buds are normally inexpensive and are preferred for their portability and convenience. Compared to the other full-sized head phones and canal phones, ear buds produce the worst sounding option, due to their inability to provide isolation. As a result of which, they are often used at higher volumes in order to decrease the noise from the users surroundings that increases the risk of hearing-loss.

Altec Lansing iM716 Head Phones have enhanced bass and high definition audio modes, in-line volume control, superior noise isolation, reference quality sound and delivers sound and silence in perfect harmony. Sony HBHIV835 Head Phone and Nokia HS12W Bluetooth Head Phone are also good choices for ear buds. Over the head – The traditional style of headphones has a band or bands over the top of the head. This is especially prevalent for heavier head phones like circum-aural designs, which would otherwise slip downward due to their weight.

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