If we look the iPod Shuffle 2GB just from its weight and portability, we won't see any big differences here since it almost unchanged, total weight about 10g, but the total volume including clip increases for about 30%. Overall, it is still very small devices when we consider that each side has only 3cm length.

Many of us will get big surprise when we open the box, since Apple has decided they won't include headphones with remote control and microphone. Which means that there is only way to control the shuffle is by physical buttons. Having the physical buttons is truly advantage in some cases, imagine it, when we connect the shuffle to an amp with the old model, we lost the ability to control it, and it won't happen again with the new model. But again, there are people who think that control on the headset was better and convenient and even more intuitive.

The iPod Shuffle 2GB is really a gem among others MP3 player, it is beautiful, small and light. But not means that it's a perfect player for everyone, since there are many who don't understand with shuffle's utility. With the capacity only 2GB, we must put the music what we like it time to time or depending on the preferences of the moment, not all music we like can be placed into it. After all, this what the iPod shuffle purpose is, basically you put – play and you never know with certainly what will happen to listen to the song after song. Yes it is can be our small personal DJ, who rattles off emotions for us, song after song. But in fact, it can also be used more selectively. We can also load the playlist from iTunes, then scroll through them easily with voice over, that it reads the title aloud. The circular button does voice-over, while the side switch has three positions: off, shuffle (random play) and in order.

What about the sound's quality? The Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB ‘s audio quality is unchanged, and is the same as the nano (in relation to its size which much smaller, and cheaper for about 1/3).

The battery life is excellent, you can use it a whole week and the battery still good. For continuous play, it can be played for up to 15 hours as claimed by Apple.


Source by Bluwi Stone