I am a student and take classes online. I used several headphones to effective listen to my lectures but none were effective. Then I chose to go for a noise cancelling headphones. One of my friends suggested in buying noise cancelling headphones from Amazon. After checking different reviews I have decided to go for JVC HANC250 High Grade noise cancelling headphones. I am now finding it easy to attend all of my online classes without getting any distractions. It used double housing design for a better sound isolation.

The ear cups are very comfortable and can be used for a long time without any strain on the ears. Not just for the online classes, the JVC HANC250 can also be used for entertainment purpose. I listen to the movie clips and music on the computer and with this noise cancelling headphones it feels so real. The stereo effect of this headphone amazes me and this has become one of my favorites. Be it travelling or online classes, long distance calls through skype application, I just use HANC250 for almost anything and everything. It weighs about 5.3 ounces and is compact to fit anywhere.

The binaural headphone technology makes it possible to listen to the slightest sounds with clarity. I like watching horror movies and sound plays a very important role in this kind of movies. With these noise cancelling headphones, I experience a thrill in watching my favorite horror clips like never before. The 40mm Neodymium driver makes it more unique in combination with other features. It costs about 100 dollars and one can bid on the price to get it for even a lesser amount. You will never know you might win the bid. I got a great value for the money that have put in these headphones. The battery life is excellent with an average life time to be about 48 hours. It is black in color and elegant looking piece which adds to style as well.

This exciting JVC HANC250 noise cancelling headphones has given me a lot of spare time by increasing my concentration levels to a great extent. There are other accessories available to add up with these headphones. Unlike other noise cancelling headphones, this model comes with a conventional cable and needs only a single battery to work. Even when the battery dies, the device would work in the passive mode. I consider it one of the best headphones which can cancel the noise to a great extent and several features adding to its value.

It is also cheaper than other most famous brands like Bose and Panasonic. The features are almost similar to the other brands but if you are looking for a cost effective investment then HANC250 is the best. Every feature of other expensive brands can come in one package along with good quality and portability. One tip I would like to give for the travelers is to take extra batteries while travelling to listen to non-stop music and entertain themselves.

Source by Wen Wen Liu