KEF speakers are renowned for their high quality and stylish design. KEF manufactures a range of high performance speakers for home cinema, hi fi and custom build applications. This article aims to give an impartial review of the new award winning KHT3005 KEF speakers.

KEF speakers are well known for their innovative design. The KHT3005 home cinema speaker system is no different, with each speaker designed to look like a large glossy black egg. Cool. The system includes a total of 5 KEF speakers together with a sub woofer, and is available in matt silver as well as the glossy black finish.

The sound performance of these KEF speakers matches the fantastic exterior look; these speakers are extremely impressive, despite the hefty price tag. The 4 egg shaped satellite speakers measure 9″ in height, when combined with the subwoofer and larger centre speaker produce a substantial 250W of power. Despite their small appearance, these KEF speakers pack a punch and you will have problems doing justice to the sound quality of the system in a small or even decent-sized living room.

Installing these KEF speakers is quite straightforward if you know what you are doing. You need to have an external home cinema amplifier receiver and there are good step-by-step instructions included in the manual. Plugging in all the wires will definitely be worth it, the sound reproduction produced be these KEF speakers was breathtaking. The audio was crystal clear, crisp and gave subtly separated tones, but the best feature by far is the bass. With the power of the sub woofer, movies or music that requires a strong bass are ideally suited to this KEF speaker system. You could feel the bass reverberating around the room, absolutely fantastic!

It is easy to see why the KEF speakers KHT3005 home theatre system has recently been declared an outright winner of a highly prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association Award (EISA) – in the Home Theatre Loudspeaker category for 2006-7

These KEF speakers are a pleasure to install and they are aimed at the dedicated home cinema enthusiast who has a lot of space. They do carry a large price tag, and you may need to buy several specially designed speaker stands to mount them on, these are also expensive. However, the old saying remains true, you get what you pay for. If you can afford to buy these KEF speakers for your home cinema system you definitely won't be disappointed.

Source by Keith R Scott