The Kicker brand name continues to product quality products, one model that I personally felt was worthy of a review is the K60.20 6″ car speakers. One thing I noticed is that though it is referred to as a 6″ speaker set is a suitable fit for any 6-1/2″ openings. This 6″ Component System is a sleek looking set that is capable of handling the high's and low's of any type of music you might enjoy.

This component system can handle 75 watts RMS continuous power handling, and its sensitivity rating is an adequate 88 dB. It can handle an impressive frequency range from 38 – 21000 Hz. The cone woofer consists of molded polypropylene which enables the mid range woofer to respond efficiently and effectively to the beat of your music.

Another great plus about the Kicker KS60.2 speakers is the surround material. The edges are made out of Santoprene, a thermoplastic compound that is processed in much the same way as any type of plastic. The difference is that it possesses the same levels of flexibility and durability that are commonly found with natural rubber compounds. Because of the longer life of Santoprene rubber surround material in both extreme hot and cold environments, the material is often preferred over the use of rubber. Further, the magnets are made out of neodymium which is the strongest existing material on the market. The great thing about this package is you get the speakers, tweeters, and mid bass drivers, everything you need for a great sounding speaker setup.


Source by Armand Jusuf