On 2011, Kodak is set to launch 2 new pocket camcorders, Kodak zx5 and Kodak Playfull. Both video cameras offer new features and are designed to cater the need for different users. Kodak zx5 from Playsport series is the newest model of Kodak zx3 which gain huge successful last year, while Kodak Playfull is proud to deliver the slim, stylish and extremely small pocket camcorder.

Share button, the new feature from Kodak

If we talking about new products, then sure we want to know what new features that will be offered by the manufacturer, and what are the benefits to own a new video camera when we already had one. Both Kodak new hd camcorders offer new features that is perfect to any social networks users that like to share videos or photos in just a single click. There's no doubt that we live in social networks era, where we cannot live without Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, and we as human like to share information to anybody in a fast way.

Kodak knows really well about our needs and social behavior on the net, that's why they have developed the new share button. This share button lets us easily share video and picture really fast. First, after taking our video, press share button in review mode. Second, choose any social networks available. For Kodak Playfull and Kodak zx5, Kodak has set Facebook, Flickr,YouTube and Twitter (also Orkut, Yandex, KAIXIN001 and Kodak Gallery) ready on those video cameras. The last step is after we choose our preferred destination, just connect the pocket camcorder to our computer, then our video is instantly uploaded. This great application is surely will win most gadget fans out there, because it's simple and easy to operate, and not forget it's fast too.

Second feature which also worth to look for is the new macro mode application. In photography terms, there's macro photography which in definition is the close-up or focus photography where we can take picture on small or tiny objects. Can you imagine if we carry the new waterproof Kodak zx5 on our summer holiday, go snorkeling and we can shoot video on those tiny wonderful sea creatures down there? That would be great.

The last new feature is there is 4 types of capture effects which will add more to add your work a new look. Choose any effects from black and white, sepia, bold colors or 70's film style, and impress your friend and family with the new style.

Kodak new video cameras cater two different users
If you are a stylish person and a die-hard fans of new gadget then Kodak Playfull is the right choice for you, while Kodak zx5 with its rugged design is well suited for any extreme condition and is perfect for more adventurous person.

Source by Stella Lukita