The Sony MDR-XD200 has been labeled as a wonderful pair of headphones. These headphones have been known to deliver the highest quality and is also some of the most affordable on the market. Designed with a dome type driver unit, a 40mm diameter, and long stroke diaphragms, these headphones deliver high quality performance when you are listening to your music or watching your movies. The sound produced by these headphones are very clear and comes at a frequency range 8-25,000Hz.

The Sony MDR-XD200 headphones come fully designed with neodymium magnets, which gives off a higher frequency and a greater power handling. If you are hearing the term neodymium magnets for the first time, it means that these headphones are designed to maximize energy, while maintaining the size of regular headphones. The ferrite magnets that are in these headphones are five times clearer than the regular ones that are on the market although they are of the same size.

The Sony MDR-XD200 are designed with a self-adjusting headband, the headphones are high quality and versatile, and they have a frequency response of 16Hz. When using these headphones everything sounds much better; whether you are using it on something digital or with a disc. They are specially designed to be used in the homes and are not ideal for when you are doing your outdoor activities. The sound quality that is produced when using these headphones is robust and very clear and will deliver top quality audio performance from a number of different sources.

The fit that is offered by these headphones are very comfortable and you can keep them in your ears for hours and not remember that you are wearing them because the headbands can be custom designed to fit your head, no matter how large or small they are.

Some features of the Sony MDR-XD200:

– Built with a sound mode switch that is specially designed to match the source where the sound is coming from.

– Has urethane leather ear pads for added comfort

– Built to provide you with movie quality sound, which is perfect for when you are watching your movies.

– The frequency response is 10Hz-22,000Hz

– Sensitivity is 102dB/mW

If you have been looking for the perfect pair of headphones, you need to look no further than to the ones made by Sony. The Sony MDR-XD200 is designed for the amateur music listener and the professional DJs because it offers the most amazing features that you could ever imagine. Available at a very affordable price, you are not only being conscious of your spending, you are also buying quality.

Source by Stan Roderbel