The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable is truly a revolution in turntable technology. Most DJs will agree that they love the feel of vinyl and the simplicity and convenience of CDs. With the CDX, Numark has essentially combined the best of both worlds – a turntable that uses 12-inch records as the controlling interface but still utilizes CDs. In other words, you get the feel of vinyl with the ease of CDs.

Numark CDX utilizes a high torque direct drive motor. Those of you familiar with the very popular Numark TTX will immediately recognize this motor. You can adjust the start and stop times easily, and the dual start/stop buttons on either side make it very easy to position it for different uses (i.e. in a battle or standard setting).

The CDX features an impressive key-lock function that locks in the key of the vocals or music even when the tempo is increased. You'll find it easy to keep track of the BPM (beats per minute) with the inbuilt beatkeeper. The pitch can be controlled between +/- 6, 12, 25, and 100 ranges.

It is a breeze to swap CD discs on the Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable with the quick-loading CD slot. Additionally, you can utilize the 3000 cue points to immediately jump to any section within the CD – a much requested and required feature among DJs. Additionaly, you can employ effects such as echo, sonar, slide, etc. by using the inbuilt DSP processor.

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable has an MIDI I/O port which can be used to synchronize a drum machine or other MIDI devices. There is also an S/PDIF digital output port, and a VFD display.

The Numark CDX MP3-CD Turntable is truly one of the finest turntables around, one that any DJ – amateur or professional – would love to use.

Source by John Newcomb