Soon after the Omharmonics was first released I decided to give it a try as I had used products hosted by MindValley before and found them to be very good.

Just in-case you're wondering MindValley are the company that created Omharmonics.

That's why in the following Omharmonics review I'll reveal exactly what Omharmonics is and how it works. To help you make a more educated decision on whether it's right for you. No fluff or filler!

So what exactly is Omharmonics?

Put simply Omharmonics is a meditation kit designed to help you reach relaxed meditative states and heightened states of awareness (consciousness).

What's the “Meditation Kit”?

The meditation kit itself is a series of “binaural beat” audio tracks. These are basically specially engineered audio tracks that influence the brain.

How does it work?

Binaural beats are the key to this meditation kit.

Whenever two different sound frequencies are combined but relayed through speakers independently of one another a natural phenomenon takes place in the brain.

The “binaural beat” is created by the brain whenever these sound frequencies are relayed independently of each other.

The binaural beat is simply the difference between the two frequencies. Different binaural beat frequencies affect the brainwaves in different ways.

For example:

Left channel frequency = 200 Hz

Right Channel frequency = 190 Hz

Binaural beat = 10 Hz

What Omharmonics does is combine carefully programmed binaural beats with other intelligent sounds such as heart beats, breaths and soothing harmonies to help listeners reach a deep meditative state known as the “Alpha” state of awareness.

What's inside Omharmonics?

In total there are five different audio meditation sessions. They each have there own benefits and uses which are as follows:

Awakening: Morning session

Focus: Improved focus, Improved concentration

Spark: Increased creativity, better, problem solving skills

Balance: Restores calm, tranquility

Deep Rest: Evening session before bed or rest


The Omharmonics meditation kit is a well crafted tool to help people reach heightened states of awareness (consciousness). It really depends on your preference when meditating as to whether or not you'll benefit from Omharmonics.

For the best results you would wear a stereo headphone set so that each frequency is being received independently from left ear and right ear as it should do. Some may be uncomfortable wearing a headset, whilst others will have no problem in plugging in a set of headphones.

The benefits of Omharmonics though outweigh any negatives and can really help users enter deepened meditative states. The audio tracks aren't overwhelming sounds or noises and actually become really ambient once you have tuned into them for a few mins.

So in essence Omharmonics meditation is a specially engineered set of audio tracks for influencing the listeners brain wave frequencies. It is definitely a great tool for helping users meditate more effectively.

Source by Ricky P O' Shea