PSP or abbreviated as PlayStation Portable is one of the popular handheld console introduced by Sony. This pocket device comes with the complete basic functions of a portable player such as built – in stereo speakers, exterior headphone connector, brightness control etc. The world of gaming is more enhanced by facilitate users to enjoy online gaming by using wireless network.

These systems are now on store shelves from last few years. This handy console of Sony was come up in the market with features like Pro Duo Memory stick, inserted UMD, video player, audio player and photo viewer, quality graphics and LCD screen. This device is more than just gaming and it's a complete multimedia system. But as this system using UMD and UMD's are spinning derives, so it produces some noise during disc access. So, Sony launches updated versions of PSP.

Till now Sony releases 4 strings of PSP, these are PSP – 1000, PSP – 2000, PSP – 3000 and PSP Go. First series was PSP – 1000, that was thick and hard to break, but it was heavy. After PSP – 1000 Sony launches its new PlayStation Portable version that is PSP -2000. The Difference between both of these generations are that PSP -2000 was thinner than PSP -1000 and the disk tray of this device was pull out rather than push button and the sound quality was better than the older version. Latest released two new versions of PSP system are PSP Go and PSP 3000. PSP – 3000, is a small handheld console with 4.3″ LCD screen and high contrasts color ratio, in-built Wi-Fi and microphones. Difference between the older version of PSP and new one PSP – 3000 is that, it contains anti-reflection technology which helps the gamers to play in any conditions. And the other new generation of PSP is PSP Go. PSP Go system is slim, light then its older version PSP and most important thing in PSP GO is that, UMD drive is gone now because this new device comes up in market with internal 16 GB hard drive. It also contains all of the features similar to PSP system like in – built Bluetooth, impressive graphic power etc. And this system available in market in two colors i.e. PSP Go (Pearl White) and PSP Go (Piano White).

PSP console is greatly famous in gamers because of its amazing features. The Sony PSP elevates portable gaming to the next level. PlayStation portable is like a little computer with a huge set of your favorite games inside. And now this Portable system is available in market with its new less price, so now you can get your favorite new PSP systems at very less price.


Source by Shane Baur