If you want a microphone that you'll be able to use to record your own song or album, and that provides professional sound without breaking the bank, then you would be wise to consider purchasing the Audio Technica AT4047. The professional grade quality of this instrument may be missed at first glance, as it looks like one of the ribbon microphones used in the 1960's.

This microphone does more than just allowing you to talk with your friends online. Whether recording instruments or the human voice, this microphone is known for its outstanding quality. The following are some advantages you'll get with the Audio Technica AT4047:

This instrument provides a polished and smooth recording, without recording the sounds in the background and other unnecessary noises, making the song sound like it was recorded in an actual studio. Never include the sound of your neighbor's car engine as part of your song again as the days of unprofessional recordings are officially over. From the matte silver finish of the microphone to its shock mount, this microphone has a sleek, beautiful look to it.

Its shock mount is specially designed to eliminate undesired vibrations and sounds from entering the microphone. Besides its physical styling, it also has great low self-noise, a wide dynamic range, and high sound pressure level – or SPL – quality.

Even the worst of singers can sound good with this warm, rich, and forgiving microphone, which allows you to produce high quality songs similar to those produced by Beyonce. In fact, you could even produce your own radio program, just for fun.

This mic is perfect for school or work projects, or even just for fun whenever good quality songs or other radio shows are needed. Online consumer reviews have given this product high marks. Every review you read will tell you just how great a purchase their Audio Technica AT4047 was, and how it really is the best value for your buck.

Source by Lee A. Murray