One company still proudly producing cutting edge LCD televisions are Sony, and their dominance of the upper end of the market is the other big reason why the competition have focused their attentions elsewhere.

The KDL-52Z4500 is an excellent example of the jaw-droppingly impressive LCD televisions in Sony's catalogue. The range is also available in 40, 45 and 46 inches, but it's the huge 52 inch model that really takes the title. Although many other manufacturers have produced limited edition models up to 108 inches in size, the 52Z4500 is one of the largest LCD televisions on general sale. At around £2300, it's certainly not cheap, but if you want the best you have to pay for it!

One of the key features of the KDL-52Z4500 is its 200Hz processing power. 100Hz processing has now become the norm for all LCD televisions at £1000 or more, but by raising the bar to 200Hz, Sony has improved the fluidity of moving images to the degree that motion blur has practically been eradicated. The colours produced by the KDL-52Z4500 are also exceptionally good, a harmonious blend of richness and subtlety that produces both shadows and skin tones of astounding realism. The model's Bravia 2 engine also handles standard-definition images with the same satisfying quality as its HD output. Whatever you ask it to display, the KDL-52Z4500 performs with aplomb.

It's not just the picture that will impress you either – the design of the KDL-52Z4500 is also absolutely superb. Boasting three HDMI ports, two SCART sockets, and VGA, USB and Ethernet ports, this television has excellent connectivity options. It does lack the wireless Bluetooth connection offered by other manufacturers, but with the Ethernet and USB in place, Bluetooth would have been rendered almost redundant anyway. The quality of design is not just limited to practicalities – the KDL-52Z4500 is a great looking television too with a glossy black bezel married to the transparent bottom-edge panel that has become Sony's trademark.

At the highest end of consumer technology, the goal-posts move almost daily. And with development progressing at such a rapid rate, it's inevitable that the top models will be surpassed almost as soon as they're released onto the market. However, at the moment there are few better HD LCD televisions available than the KDL-52Z4500. If you want a television with an unbeatable wow-factor, then this is definitely it.

Source by Ben Rimmer