Absolute shock! That's kind of reaction I expect to see when anybody sets sights on my good ol' headphones. To say they are in a deplorable condition is quite an understatement. But I'm not the music lover you find in this era of digital players, iPods and portable MP3 devices. If you're one of them, then chances are that your headphones are worth their weight in gold and you would've definitely come across Sennheiser headphones.

In the crowd of headphones, Sennheiser stands tall. Why? What is its USP (unique selling proposition), you may ask? Well, it's called Noise Grad – a path breaking noise canceling technique that cuts down outside noise by almost 70%. So, you can listen to Shakira (even though watching her would be a more appropriate option!) crystal clear even in a noisy neighborhood or in a crowded bus. These portables fit snugly into your ear and are collapsible.

For those of you who find the portables a little evasive, there's the full – size headphones that fit over the ear. An added attraction is the Talk-Thru function to speak to others with out compromising on the noise canceling.

Sennheiser professional headphones are quite popular with DJ's and cameramen since they are comfortable, light weight have innovative designs and are wearable for long hours.

What about the real thing

All these fancy noise canceling and white noise conversion techniques will come to a naught if the sound quality isn't great. Well, with Sennheiser you won't be disappointed. It offers exquisite, digital quality sound almost like a live performance. They are versatile too, can be used both for music and for home- theatres

Now to the brass-tacks: how much will the damage be? Well, you could choose from a range starting from $50 to $450 for the high- end versions. Take your pick depending up on the usage, purpose and of course, budget.

So, made up your mind to get yourself Sennheiser headphones? You should, in fact, because trust me, it'll only be music to the ears.

Source by Guru Bhakt