The battle for smart phones is peaking by the day. Interestingly, with the astonishing return of Blackberry OS10 and the emphatic arrival of windows 8, there has been a keenly fought contest in the high end smart phone space. A battle within a battle is intensifying amongst the Android bandwagon. Google's popular operating system is clearly the darling of the volume-based smart phone industry. With top brands vying for their fair-share of the android space, Google enjoys a massive growth in its high end consumer base.

The latest high end smart phone from the Japanese giant, Sony Corporation, the Sony Xperia Z is an honest attempt by Sony to create some inroads into the domain of high end smart phones. Powered by the irresistible sound clarity unique to Sony, the Xperia Z surely presents a palpable proposition. Sony, enjoys a high Brand recall value in the world of consumer electronics, not surprisingly, the Brand equity easily rubs on to the Brand's smart phone versions as well.

Powered by an impressive camera, the super slim Xperia Z offers a sturdy design. The phone does not feel heavy and is devoid of a certain ‘plastic' feeling (more common with Samsung Galaxy Series). An android jelly bean powered handset, the xperia Z is the recent and perhaps the most promising bets from the Sony stable. Launching just before the HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4, gives the Xperia Z an early movers advantage for sure, but is the phone geared up to convert the hype into revenue figures for the (revenue-wise) struggling Brand?

A quad core 1.5 GHz processor named as Snaprdragon Krait does the bulk of talking for the speed of response for the Xperia Z. The lenses and camera has always been a strong point of Sony handsets, and the Xperia Z does not disappoint in this regards. The Xperia Z has a powerful 13 MP snapper may just mean that the user may not require the DSLR anymore. 16 Gb internal memory is more than sufficient to house basic requirements and to top it up the user can also expand the memory.

But, the stand out feature and coolest of the lot is its unique body and design. Going by Sony's claims the phone is water resistant and scratch resistant. So, you don't need to bother how you are using it and for the ones who were big fans of Nokia for the sturdiness of its handsets, the Xperia Z with its astonishing robustness may just provide the perfect Phillip to cross over.

A 2 GB RAM takes care of the speed quotient and the response time is decent as compared to other compatriots of the Xperia Z. If you are a Bravia fan (remember the LED series from Sony's consumer durable market), you're going to love the screen resolution. A powerful 1080p HD screen bolstered by the Bravia engine is a treat to the eye. OK, it may not exactly rub shoulders with the Apple's retina display, but surely it makes you realize that its slightly different from the normal phones.

Ergonomically, Sony has always been a user's delight. The Xperia Z is not different in this sense. All the control ports, the sim-slot, volume controls, micro SD slots, power control, etc are smartly spaced on either side of the handset. One thing that certainly goes against the Xperia Z is its contrasting viewing angles. The phone is just not consistent at all viewing angles and visible deviation from standards fails to impress.

The Xperia Z may just be the last throw at the dice by Sony. No wonder the Brand is spending profusely on marketing and sales promotions. In UK for example, the phone covered all the visible points in its first couple of days of announcements. Sony surely has realized that it's no longer the product that will speak, but the brand as a whole has to get talking. Surely, it's a sign that Sony has finally realized that it has to come live to the audience and the changed landscape.

Source by Rushikesh Kamreja