Many cell phones have music players and many music players support bluetooth. It is really no surprise that one of the most sought after accessories is the bluetooth headset. These headsets let you transmit your favorite music directly to the headphones without any wires to get tangled up in. There are many different manufactures making many different models today. There is a bluetooth headset out there for everyone. The following is a summary of some of the more popular headsets on the market today:

Moto Rokr S7 HD

Price $51.71

The Bottom Line T The Motorola Rokr S7-HD has decent music quality, but its uncomfortable fit and average call quality keeps us from recommending it.

Moto Rokr S9 HD

Price $79.99 to $87.47

he Motorola Rokr S9 HD is a simple and lightweight stereo Bluetooth headset, but take caution when using it for an active lifestyle.

Jabra BT3030 – Bluetooth headset

Price Unknown

The Jabra BT3030 is a great, affordable option for a stereo Bluetooth headset, if you want to use your own headphones.

Jabra Halo

Price $109.99

The Jabra Halo is an attractive stereo Bluetooth headset, but that's about all I can say for it.

Samsung SBH-600 stereo Bluetooth headset

Price $169.99

Though it doesn't have the best call quality, its comfortable fit and fantastic audio quality makes the Samsung SBH-600 one of the best stereo Bluetooth headsets for listening to music.

Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Wireless Stereo Headphone

Price $109.99

The solid-sounding Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Wireless Stereo Headphones are an excellent option for anyone looking for the very smallest Bluetooth headset money can buy to use with an A2DP-compatible music phone or MP3 player.

A very good reason to eliminate the wires is for headphone use while working out. The Motorola Rokr s9 HD is definitely targeting this niche, although it could use some improvements. The Rokr S7 HD, also produced by Motorola, does have great audio quality but lacks a good overall design. One of the best stereo headsets by far, however, is the Samsung SBH-600. It sports padded ear pads and high quality sound reproduction. Sony Ericsson's HBH-IS800 is a strong contender also in the headset market. If you already own a favorite or high end set of headphones that aren't bluetooth compatible there is no need to fret. The Jabra BT3030 bluetooth dongle can solve your problem. You can attach any 3.5 millimeter headphones into it. This allows you to use your high end headphones you currently have with the wireless ease of bluetooth. Another headset from Jabra is the Jabra Halo, it has a very slim and stylish design which can be folded into a compact package, but does lack somewhat in the audio quality department.


Source by Jess Troyer