Teleseminars are an innovative way to get massive amounts of people on the telephone line and give a mini-seminar. The equipment needed for teleseminars are critical to make it successful. The following is a list of basic equipment to get started:

  • Telephone – This sounds simple enough. The best is to have a corded land line telephone to connect to the wall. Uniden and Motorola have great corded telephones that provide quality sound. You can use a cordless phone or cell phone, but the reception may not be the best.

  • Bridge Line – A bridge line is a telephone line that holds different amounts of people. It bridges the speaker and the participants together. There is a wide variety of bridge lines out there. You can use a simple bridge line provided by InstantTeleseminar.com or rent a bridge line through companies such as BlackandWhite.com or rentabridge.com. These companies have many qualities lines from small to large groups.

Optional Equipment:

  • Headset – A headset will keep your hands free during the call. You will not have to hold the phone to your ear. Just like the phone, a corded headset such as GN Netcom is better since it does not create the static or poor quality such as a cordless headset.

  • Recording Equipment – A quality microphone is not necessary. You can use a computer microphone and headset for your recording. You will get better quality with a studio microphone though such as Audio Technica microphone.

  • Recording Software – Audacity is a great software that is free for recording your teleseminars. You can upgrade to Sony Soundforge for more features if needed. If you are using a MAC computer, Garage Band is included in most of the MAC models. All the softwares are easy to learn through the help menu.

With simple and easy equipment, you can create quality teleseminars instantly.


Source by Layla Tusko