Should I be in the position whereby I was considering buying a cordless headset one of the first things that I would like to find out would be what the advantages and disadvantages are of the product that I am buying. Both from an overall ‘general perspective' and a detailed perspective.

From this basic investigation I can then make my mind up as to what my trade-off might be. What things am I prepared to compromise on, if any compromise is necessary.

Here are some of the more general aspects that I think you should consider before you actually start your detailed review. These aspects might not apply to all the models but they are a broad base perspective from which you can build upon.

The Benefits of Cordless Headsets

1. A good point, from an ongoing financial perspective, would be whether or not a product has the facility to use standard batteries that have an efficient and effective playing time without running out on you. This means you will not have to replace the batteries as often and incur extra cost.

2. In terms of sound quality you are looking for products that have a strong bass that does not distort, as well as crisp highs with prominent mids. Hissing and sound clipping are not so good aspects.

3. A charging system that is both simple to use and administer is going to give you less hassle and also save you time in the long run.

4. Make sure that the adapter that is supplied with the product has at least 3 connection adapters. This is so that they will function with radio, game and tv systems in stereo.

5. Try and make sure that the transmission range extends beyond 30 feet – ranges up to 300 feet are a major plus sign if, indeed, this is proven.

The Downsides

1. Should the equipment have a restricted transmission range you will not get the flexibility that you were expecting. If you do not place very much importance on this aspect you are deluding yourself and will only find out just how restricting this can be when you start using it for long periods of time.

2. If the system utilises rechargeable batteries and you use it for long durations in can be quite frustrating if they need re-charging every day. Lost time is lost enjoyment.

3. The cheaper end of the spectrum can have sets that are very cheap looking and are made from very light and thin plastic, they can not stand the bumps and bruises that cordless equipment generally gets.

4. Make sure that the set does function properly even when a large obstruction is placed within the transmitter and the headset. The position of the transmitter should not be a critical factor so as to stop the product from functioning properly.

Obviously you will have your own ideas as to what you want but sometimes, especially when subject to marketing hype we can make rash choices and not based on any logic. Please avoid this by doing as much homework as you can before buying your pair of cordless headsets.


Source by Frank Muller