It is known worldwide that the field of medical transcription happens to be a professional field. This is why this particular field requires a lot of training and vast experience. There are many people who think that a good audio typist is all about having fast typing speed. But having speed is not what it is all about when it comes to being a good transcriber. Given below are a few pointers through which you can see what exactly the qualities of a good transcriber are and what exactly they should have in them.

  • Experience: Experience is something that you need when it comes to being a good transcriber. You can gather all the experience that you want for this field. You can start off with managing a small office as an audio typist, work for some time here and then you can do the managing all by yourself. This is the best way to gather experience and knowledge about this field.
  • Good Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings: The image of a transcriber turns to ashes when a client receives transcribed work which is full of grammatical errors. The transcriber is not considered to be skillful and the client might never probably ever turn to them for work again. The grammatical errors and punctuation is something which no one wants to see. So the best thing that a good transcriber must have is these three things. Being perfect in grammar, punctuation and spellings is something that a transcriber should be perfect at.
  • Information About Terminology: There are many companies which have their own terminology. By terminology I mean that they have their own set of words which they use in their language. Of course anyone outside the company might not know about the terminology which the company uses so for this reason what a transcriber can do is learn a specific company's terminology, which they are working for, from scratch and then have the work transcribed.
  • If you become an expert on audio typing or transcribing work for a specific company then that company will turn to you more often to have their work done. This way you will get clients and you will be able to earn more money which in turns makes you a good transcriber.
  • Good Hearing and Headphones:There are many audio files which are not audible enough and it is impossible to transcribe them. There are times when more than one sound files are running simultaneously, that is they have many people talking at the same time, in different accents, different languages and there also happens to be a lot of noise in the background. These are some of the things which make listening to a dialogue difficult and thus hard for you to transcribe it. So for this reason you need to have a decent pair of headphones which can listen to sounds clearly. This is also compulsory for you to perform good typing services.
  • Dedication: There are times when it gets really hard to transcribe certain files as you find them really difficult. In this condition it also gets hard for you to get that motivation to work; especially in cases when you are working away from your home. In order to be a good transcriber you need to do the work no matter how hard it is for you and no matter much you do not want to do it.
  • Speed: Hearing is not all that you need to be a good transcriptionist but the speed can help you with earning more money as you will be done with your work in a short while and then you can perform more and more tasks and thus earn more. You can get a faster speed in a year or so. Thus it is not hard for you to provide people with good audio typing services.

Source by Kelvin A Smith