In a world that is filled with stress, as well as problems with a struggling economy, and suffering wherever you seem to look…meditation has become a life saver, in some cases. Meditation can be an escape from the hectic outside world and has been proven to reduce tension and relieve stress.

By adding binaural beats to your meditation, you are able to reach a relaxed state within minutes. Binaural beats are usually mixed with a pleasant sounding music, or at times, sounds of nature are also used.

When listening to binaural beats…it is imperative that you wear headphones. The ones that cover your ears are best, but any headphones will do.

As you listen, embedded beats of different frequencies will play in each ear. Your brain reacts by creating a third frequency…the difference between the two separate frequencies. For example…if a tone of 300 Hz plays in the right ear, and a tone of 310 Hz plays at the same time in your left ear, your brain will interpret it to be a frequency of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones. This actually trains your brain to recognize the 10 Hz frequency which, without the use of the binaural pulses can not be done.

We, as humans, can not hear pitches below about 20 Hz. Therefore, in order to reach the relaxed, meditative state more quickly, and achieve some of the desired results…binaural beats should become a part of your meditation routine.

Did you know that there are many different reasons to use meditation with binaural beats? Any chance you would like to experience some of these results?

~ become more relaxed

~ aid in stress reduction

~ improve sleep patterns and quality

~ help manage pain

~ improve creativity

~ enhance intuition

~ superior learning ability

~ telepathy

~ boost in memory

~ lucid dreaming

~ increase in energy

~ help with addictions

And so many more!

The first step is to find a website that not only offers free downloads, so that you can get an idea of what you will be buying before spending any money, but also comes with a guarantee. Unfortunately, there are people with absolutely no knowledge of brain entrainment, or binaural tones that have set up shop across the internet. However, there are some very legitimate products and vendors…just do a bit of research. When you find a reputable site selling different binaural beats, you will find that the cost is very low to download, in fact because of that…you might question the effectiveness of a binaural meditation.

If you are looking for a deep, relaxing meditation, you certainly owe it to yourself to check out binaural meditation… you will be quite pleased with the results…I am sure!

Source by Jacob Teal