There are various important formulations and combinations in this world. Some of them are very much useful in our daily to daily use. Some formulations especially solid-solid combinations help in meeting our various requirements. They can help in blending various useful substances let it be the manufacture of various food products, glass, fertilizer, in processes involving the cooling/heating or drying purposes like in case of plastics and metal powders.

All the above applications can be easily met by using the three basic blenders called diffusion or small scale random motion, convection or large scale random motion and shear. Generally, diffusion is used for powders that are free flowing.

Cone screw vertical blender, horizontal, tumbler blender and horizontal ribbon blender are the most common types of the blenders used for the solid-solid blending systems. If one wants to experience the mixing at a considerable fast rate then, you should have a demonstration of the ribbon blender. But, if you want to blend some products or mixtures that require very low influencing blending, then, it is being advised that you go for tumble blender or vertical blender. Tumble blender is a special type of blender. It is equipped with double cone that is interchangeable and also has configurations in vee shape. However, there are also certain vessels available that can help you in reducing the times you have to blend a thing. These machines are also called as asymmetric vessels. They also help in improving the uniformity of the mixer. These generally work at an optimum speed of about five to twenty five revolutions per minute. Diffusion is generally followed in this type of mixing.

Besides all such factors, there are various other factors that are to be paid significant amount of stress. You are required to have a look upon the utility of the blender for various purposes. You should carefully analyze the space that you have for setting up of the mixing machine. Depending upon the amount of space, you can use the horizontal ribbon mixer or the vertical blender. Vertical blender occupies small space while horizontal ribbon mixer occupies considerable amount of space.

You should also have a look upon the type of substance that you want to blend. Some substances require gentle mixing while others require excessive mixing.

Proper analysis of the mixing is required to have a successful accomplishment of mixing. You should keep in mind the above mentioned factors and react accordingly.

Source by Marcel Miller