Are you dealing with stress, addictions, or other emotional issues and want to try meditation? You do your search and find out that there are multiple meditation methods, but all of them either require attending classes or have a lengthy learning period. All of these difficult obstacles can be eliminated by combining meditation with a binaural beats download.

The most popular meditation methods include Yoga, Zen, Transcendental, Sitting, and Guided. All of these can be very effective and have been used for years. The single objective of all of these meditation methods is to relax the body and mind to allow brainwave activity to slow down to the meditative states of alpha and theta frequency regions. It is in these ranges that you will be able to enter the subconscious mind and begin to make the desired improvements.

The problem with making the transition from the highly active beta state into the meditative states, is that you have to stay focused and not get distracted by “mind chatter”. This can take a lot of intense practice to do correctly and if not done properly, you will get frustrated with the meditation process. This is where a binaural beats download can help.

The existence of binaural beats was made over 150 years ago. However it has only been in the last few decades that technology has adapted them for convenient personal use in meditation. Listening to a binaural beats mp3 while in a meditative position and environment makes it almost effortless to reach those desired relaxing meditative states of alpha and theta.

The binaural recordings are specially designed to “coax” the brain into lower frequency ranges. By helping in doing this, it takes the pressure off of the meditator to focus hard, which can be counter productive in itself to effective meditation.

You can simplify the choice of which meditation method to use by adopting basic meditation methods and combining this with listening to a binaural beats download. You will also be able to realize the desired benefits much quicker.


Source by Jim Woodruff