If you are anything like me, Old School Advent Speakers are about more than just a great bookshelf speaker. They are about nostalgia – a time in our lives when things were simpler, music was better and the world wasn't as complicated as it is today. The affordable nature of the Large Advent Speakers only reinforces this notion – somethings are best when cheap and simple.

How I remember Old School Advent Speakers

I recall very clearly as a young man laying on my front room floor listening to Jazz Funk records and they sound every bit as nice today on my Classic Advent Speakers as they did then. The thing about Old School Advent Loudspeakers is that they just sound… good. Like a big pasta meal for your ears. The sound is really good on all levels. The bass is big and smooth with a excellent low end roll off at around 35khz. For all that, the bass is still under control and does not overpower the rest of the mix as other Classic Loudspeakers might. The mid-range is very clear with a bit of transient notes in the 1k range. Finally, the highs are surprisingly clean for a Classic speaker and will keep your ears from fatiguing.

Nothing makes a soul record sparkle like Old School Advent Loudspeakers do as they impart that perfect combination of classic tone and amazing musical energy. And of course, on Retro Advent Loudspeakers, vocals sound just right. Maybe a bit Vintage even, but just right. So have I waxed nostalgic enough? I think so!

Now that I have you feeling the memory of the Vintage Advent Loudspeakers, you are probably asking yourself where you can find one. Well, there are a few locations we recommend for the best chance of finding Old School Advent Loudspeakers. The thing is, this was a very common cabinet – at one point they were selling over 500,000 speakers a year! With that many Speakers in homes everywhere, despite their old age, they are somewhat prevalent. Think of Retro Advent Speakers as something similar to your uncle's El Camino – not a common car by any means, but still likely to be collecting dust in someone's attic.

The easiest place to find Retro Advent Loudspeakers is on eBay. We recommend search terms like “advent speaker”, “large Advent speaker” and “Advent A3”. For a good pair of used Speakers, you should expect to pay around $100. Make sure to add in shipping when getting these Loudspeakers as the Large Advent Speaker can weigh up to 40 lbs a piece.

Another great place to find Classic Advent Speakers is on Craigslist. Craigslist can at times be a bit sketchy in general, but if you find a vendor there and have a positive feeling about them, it can be really cool to just drive out and grab your Speakers. Often times the auctioneer will also let you take a listen to the Speakers before you buy to make sure that everything is above board.

The final place we recommend is checking out used electronic shops, speaker shops and in some cases even pawn shops. Vintage Speakers know how to get around so it can show up in the weirdest of places. The other wonderful thing is that most dealers will fix up these Speakers before reselling them by re-foaming them, cleaning them up or in some cases, installing the Loudspeakers in new boxes. When you buy a pair of Vintage Advent Loudspeakers from a well regarded audio dealer, you can be sure that you are going to get a great quality product. Unfortunately, at times you will pay for this privilege. I hope you are now set up with the knowledge you will need to find and acquire your own set of Classic Advent Speakers!

Source by EM August