Yamaha home theater systems are one of the latest ones to hit the audio home theater system market and promises to provide the viewer one of the best sound qualities and pleasant movie viewing experience, which not other systems would be able to provide as efficiently. It is easier to use and does not involve lot of wiring like the other systems do. Let us now look at some of the features of the Yamaha home theater system:

1. The audio quality is the biggest asset of the product. It has got 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs for all the channels. It has got a detachable power cable, high quality stereo, dynamic power capability, wide range of frequency responses both for the DVD audio and the CD audio, accurate touch volume control, anti-resonance ToP-ART Base, high current amplification, linear damping, etc. The surround sound features are great too with advanced decoding circuitry, air surround extreme, audio delay for adjusting Lip-sync, subwoofer crossover selection, compressed music enhancer, night listening enhancer, subwoofer phase select, etc.

2. You do not need to be an expert to use the Yamaha home theater systems. It is pretty easy to use with on-screen display with GUI, wide range of detailed menus, 8 Ch Ext input, graphic and parametric equalizer options, auto priority input terminal selection and auto decoder selection, YPAO automatic system calibrations options, etc.

3. One must have a tv monitor to view all the options that are available with the Yamaha theater home systems. And the speakers that are going to be used on the system's AV receiver should be at least four ohms, not lesser than that.

4. For connecting the computer audio output to the audio systems, one must have a stereo mini-plug to a stereo RCA pin cord. Then connect the audio link wire of the computer with the Yamaha receiver and you are done with this. For adjusting the sounds one can use the volume output from the receiver.

Final verdict:


1. The sound quality of the Yamaha home theater systems is excellent and is one of the best in the business.

2. Looking and comparing the other brands with almost the same features as the Yamaha home theater systems', Yamaha is much cheaper and affordable.

3. It is very good for those who are first time buyers and who want to buy an entry-level home theater system.

4. It is a great complement and gift for your LCD tv or your plasma screen in the living room.

5. These products give you better qualities than what you pay for. Such qualities in other brand would be got at a comparatively higher price.


1. The speakers are bulkier and look big. When you install them in the living room, it would look almost as if there is no space for other equipments to be kept in the room. The room would look fully stuffed.

2. Most of the onscreen display looks are outdated and are not as trendier and good looking when compared to the other brands.


Source by David Patullo