Here is a great piece of home theater equipment that makes your viewing experience so real you will never want to go to the cinema again. Everything needed for getting a complete home theater started will be found in these neat all-in-one packages. Just choose the model that suits your needs and your away.

It is equipped with 5 all powerful 105W speakers and a 100W subwoofer. When set up correctly the Yamaha YHT-591BL sounds utterly amazing with its clean and crisp bass that is genuinely built for the medium sized home theatre experience.

By placing the speakers throughout the room, you get the cinema-like sound from a small, easy to install unit that is compatible with the optional Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver and iPod Universal Dock. It's equipped with four HDMI inputs and one output that support all HD formats so you are able to hook up multiple HDMI compatible devices and take joy in the high-def display.

The speakers included in this Yamaha home theater in a box system are very impressive for the price range package they are in. This was one of the first HTIBs to boast HD sound and it works flawlessly. The surround sound is clearer, richer and more realistic with Yamaha's advanced CINEMA DSP, and the YPAO Automatic System Calibration. It will automatically adjust to the best sound for the room, irrespective of where the speakers are situated.

The convenient SCENE buttons allow you to set up multiple functions for BD, DVD and TV viewing, CD and radio listening. At the press of the button a number of preset operations occur, automatically playing the source of your choice in the manner of your choice.

There are a few minor cons to the YHT-591BL such as the rear speakers are fairly long at ten inches, the remote control looks rather old-hat and no AC pass through.

Therefore overall for the money this home theater system is definitely a good choice. The YHT-591 offers great HD ready features and benefits in a 5.1 channel system, including a 5-channel AV receive, three-way bass reflex speakers, two-way surrounds and a ten inch 100W advanced YST 2 subwoofer. It boasts a full array of HD audio decoders, comprising great functioning and value for home theater consumers also having YPAO for automatic speaker set up and sound optimization.

You get a lot more inputs/outputs on this receiver and if you don't need or want a DVD player because you are thinking of upgrading to Blue Ray then the YHT-591BL is the one for you.

The Yamaha YHT-591BL is a perfect buy for the first-time home theater user who wants the best quality sound but doesn't want to spend a huge amount of money.


Source by Andy Charalambous