You may have bought unrelated computer parts often easily but sometimes their performance is a pain. As the whole systems go, however, Alienware is one that merits mention. This is easily the most powerful gaming computer on this planet. Alienware is rightly the Lamborghini of computers. Everything about it is geared for the sole purpose of Doom 3.

You do not have to worry about the minimum requirements any more. You do not have to turn off the sophisticated graphical functions. Similarly, you do not need to start notching up graphics card by a single MHz in an attempt to squeeze the extra FPS in 3Dmark, in order to post results online with pride. Forget connecting ductwork from a window AC unit for cold air on the over burdened processor for about 20 minutes of stability. All these are no longer required and is a thing of past.

Inside the box:

Alienware made sure that their flagship Aurora ALX system is reviewed as an extremely powerful system. Due to a minimum of a month's time required for a thorough review of any product, there is the possibility of some parts you opt for, to be slightly altered or new ones incorporated. An example is a current choice of a Creative X-Fi rather than the Audigy 2 ZS that the system originally came equipped with.

The Alienware system setup may prove to be quite a task. It is little heavy for one person to just carry it around indoors. Boxes are huge and the system weighs more then usual. But on the inside the boxes are well arranged and custom foam surrounds ensure protection.

For starters, the instructions may not be very explicit, but they are quite sufficient. Due to the system being customized instructions are more generic than specific to each system. For example, one system comes with two soundcards, Creative Audigy and built-in, apart from two sets of inputs and outputs at the back, which the instructions don't mention. Ordinary computer users may encounter problems for a complete setup. But then not many regular users would go for such an advanced system. A toll-free number can be called any time and you can get help easily, for the setup process.

All the requisite cords and connectors are included with the main set. The one cord excluded is a RJ45 cable for the network. It may seem unfair for the price paid of it. When you look over the number of items included excluding a basic RJ45 cable seems to defy logic. But Alienware people do include a black Alienware ALX t-shirt in addition to a gaming mouse pad.

It is widely believed that the floor is best for installation, whether adjacent to or under the desk. This is assuming that the desk is smaller then ¾ inch plywood with beams at 6-inch intervals. Apart from being heavy, the outer dimensions of the system are huge. The case measures 2 feet in height and nearly 2 feet in length. The looks of system are very impressive but there us little constraint of weight. In case you want to go to a LAN party, carrying the system there might be little tough.

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