With over 9.9 million people, Chicago ranks as the third most populated metropolitan region of USA. It has ports that not only provide mesmerizing scenic beauty but also offer an extra corridor for transportation. Due to the advantageous location of the city, Chicago has flourished well. It was predicted that the gross metropolitan product (GMP) will be $630.3 billion during 2014-2016. The number shows that Chicago will continue to be a lucrative destination for new workforce for decades.

With such a rising population, commuting through the traffic becomes a challenge. Therefore, choosing a suitable car becomes a necessity rather than a desire. With most of the workforce being new, nobody wants to spend a large amount of money on a new car. So, it is necessary to make a well-thought car buying decision. Also, you have to consider the city traffic before finalizing a car. It is because a car in Chicago is no less than a travelling companion for you.

· Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is a small compact car designed especially for city drives. It is a small, sporty and powerful car. Since Chicago is a populous city, the car can find its way through the day-time traffic. On the other hand, it can also be used to drive along the shoreline of Chicago at night. The price of the car starts from $20,000 and it comes in multiple variants. If you love a small and compact car that you can take anywhere, Mini Cooper is made for you.

· Honda Accord

If you are looking for a perfect car to commute between your office and home, there is no point in arguing that Honda accord will satisfy your need. It features as one of the finest and the most comfortable car in the budget class. Its handsome fuel efficiency will help you travel tension-free on the streets of Chicago. With a big trunk, the car can also be used to pick up groceries and undertake quick shopping expeditions.

· Mazda 6

Are you looking for an upscale version of a sedan while sticking to your budget? Then Mazda 6 is for you. With the most responsive steering and incredibly sharp handling, Mazda 6 stands out of the league of budget sedans. With a four-cylinder engine and responsive steering, it is a joy to ride the car in the city streets. Commuting through heavy traffic of Chicago won't be a headache for you as the car provides utmost comfort. All in all, Mazda 6 is a budget sports sedan which is perfectly suitable for the streets of Chicago.

· Ford Fusion

Are you looking for an athletic car that can sprint its way through the busy roads of Chicago? Then, Ford Fusion is the car for you. With its accurate handling and latest new generation features, it stands a class apart from its rivals. Though a little expensive Ford Fusion proves it is worth every penny. The interior and the exterior design of the car is compelling. It is a perfect blend of comfort, power and style. If you are a tech-lover who loves to commute in style, go for Ford Fusion.

· Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry stays untouched at the top as the no. 1 selling car of the year. It is one of the most reliable cars of all times. With its smooth and spacious interiors, Camry is always a fun ride. Even if you are sitting at the back or holding the steering wheel, satisfaction is guaranteed. The car is very elegant and it goes hand in hand with the luxurious setting of Chicago. Also, the technology is user-friendly. If you want to buy a car for business purpose, then Camry is the undisputed winner. It will definitely create a positive impact on your customers and clients.

A car in Chicago is a no less than a travelling companion because it will stay with you for a long period of time. So choose the right travelling companion and enjoy the busy streets of the city in style and comfort.

Source by Jeffery Reynolds