Today we want to share the findings from our most recent survey. Objective was to determine what kind of men drive a Mercedes Benz. We've randomly selected and questioned 200 Mercedes' male owners across the nation out of which 112 responded to our questionnaire. Please note that we knew nothing about participant's age, place of residence, social status, year or exact model of Mercedes Benz they are driving. The only selection criteria were ownership of Mercedes Benz and being single. One of the survey questions was to confirm that the guy currently owns a Mercedes. Below are the questions we've asked and the answers we've received.

1. Would you rather go on a date and spend $300.00 for a fancy dinner or buy new rims for $1000.00 for your Mercedes? a) Go on a date and spend $300.00 54% b) Buy new rims for $1,000.00 46%

2. What do you do if your first time date spills coffee inside your Mercedes? a) Tell her not to worry about that and clean the spill. 36% b) Ask her nicely to be more careful next time and clean the spill. 27% c) Get a little ticked off and tell her to clean the spill. 19% d) Get really upset and ask her to get out of the car. 18%

3. Two significant events happened yesterday – you went on a first date and she was hot and you also bought brand new Mercedes Benz CLK. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? a) Brand new Mercedes Benz 78% b) Hot date 22%

4. You park your shiny silver Mercedes Benz CLK 55AMG and with your cute date step on a sidewalk. A guy passing by makes a comment, “she's hot”. What do you do? a) You smile, say “Thank You” and tap the roof of your Mercedes. 64% b) You smile, say “Thank You” and hug your date. 36%

5. You spend the night with your girl friend at her place with Your Mercedes Benz parked in her driveway. In the morning you see big scratch on the side of your car. What is your reaction? a) Pretend you didn't notice anything and say nothing to her. 31% b) You ask your girlfriend if she has any idea of who might have done such a horrendous thing. 37% c) Start panicking, running around and ask her to call 911. 15% d) You notice the scratch, say nothing, jump in the car and leave. You never return her calls after that. 17%

As you can see from the survey results there were some interesting and intriguing answers. In those awkward situations with coffee spills or scratches majority of the guys still would think about their dates first. But the answers to questions about thinking of new Mercedes vs hot date or “she's hot” comment were kind of unexpected. It is obvious that guys themselves are impressed more by their hot Mercedes rides than girls. But at least girls win when it comes to spending $300.00 for a dinner vs $1,000.00 for the rims. In summary we can tell that in general male Mercedes owners are gentlemen who whenever hear word “hot” think about their Mercedes Benz.

Source by Kevin Smithstein