Companies are made up of many different components all of which help the company evolve and develop. First, there is the actual product or service being offered which is pivotal to the success of the company. Other important components include the nature of the business, at what market/customer base the product/service is being aimed at, and the people that work for the business. All of these are an essential part of any business but there is also one element that needs to be added too – the brand logo.

Every big brand has a logo attached to it. Nike has its tick, Audi has 4 hoops in a row slightly overlapping each other and the Leo Diamond collection has a picture of a lion on it. Emporio Armani also has a very distinctive logo too.

The Emporio Armani logo is one of an eagle that is looking to the right as you look at it. It is very small but very recognisable and anyone that knows about the brands and brand logos will be able to identify it straight away.

A logo for a brand is extremely important as it can be added to a piece of merchandise and can represent that piece of merchandise forever. Taking the Emporio Armani logo as an example, when someone wears an Emporio Armani watch, anyone that knows what the logo looks like will instantly be able to recognise it. This is very important as they can comment about the logo and initiate a conversation as a result. They can also inform others about the logo that are not aware of it and in turn can help build the brand image and inform others as to how fashionable the brand is.

A logo can also define quality. Logos such as Emporio Armani and others including Nike, Audi and Leo Diamond, are all seen to be of very high quality. If someone was to buy a second hand product and they knew that the product had a logo on it that they perceived to be high quality, they would much more likely buy it than if it had a logo that they perceived to be of a lesser quality. This goes to show how important a logo is and how much it supports a brand.

The Emporio Armani logo is very distinctive and is very important in defining a brand. It makes it easier for people to associate with the brand and people are therefore more likely to buy it.

Source by David K Fox