All of us have been fooled by an automotive rear view mirror before as to the distance of another object. Sometimes things appear closer, sometimes further away depending on the rear view mirror. Many automotive mirrors even have a notation on them, perhaps you've seen this; “objects appear closer than they actually are,” and perhaps this helps make my point here. Okay so, let's talk about all this.

You see, it would be nice to not have to look at super small objects on a rear view mirror as if they were on your iPhone. Is there some way around this problem? Sure there is, one way is to use video cameras with high-definition and larger screens for our cars. This might really help with high performance cars, or delivery vehicles which do a lot of backing up.

Now then, there was an interesting article recently on GizMag Tech website titled; “Infiniti EMERG-E demonstrator makes global debut,” posted on July 3, 2012 and one of the features on this sexy and sleek Infinity sports car is a high tech rear view mirror, thus no additional parasite drag for the rear view mirrors sticking off the side of the car, rather just a stubble of a mirror with a tiny video camera inside, very cool, and it looks totally rad.

Now then, I'd like to make a suggestion to these engineers, because they may not think like us intense drivers who will be using the car. You see, the owners and drivers will require looks, but we demand absolute performance, and we also want the bells and whistles to serve our will. You know, like a drink holder that will latch onto our drinks and hold them while in a 3G banked turn, or when heading to 60 mph from scratch in 2.6 seconds. Who needs their drink all over the car or dashboard in a maximum braking event?

Next, if a high performance driver is going to really use this car they need to also know what is behind them, as in how far back whoever it was they passed last is, or if there are any cars with light-bars on top, or cyclists with police gear aboard. Having a high definition video camera should probably be a standard feature on all vehicles of this type, but also on delivery vehicles, if nothing else for safety. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. Let me know if you have any new innovative ideas along this line of thought.


Source by Lance Winslow