Accidents happen. But if you've ever had the misfortune of being in one, you'd know that the experience doesn't quite end after personal details have been exchanged and your car's been towed away. It just signals the start of the painstaking process of getting your vehicle repaired and returned to you, hopefully in the condition it was before the accident. And there are no guarantees. Or are there…

The new Hyundai Approved Repairer Programme or HARP for short, is aimed at addressing all the concerns and questions you might have after being involved in an accident with your Hyundai vehicle. How? By putting you in touch with Hyundai Approved Body Shops where you can expect to receive only the highest quality service and best possible repair work done by a professional team of specialists.

Often dealing with the aftermath of an accident could be more unpleasant than the incident itself as you have to communicate with the other party involved, your insurance company and the workshop. HARP's intention is to lighten this load and take the worry out of this process, so you can get on with your daily routine, while the job gets done and your car is safely returned to you.

By sending your vehicle to a Hyundai Approved Body Shop your following concerns will be addressed:

• Will you be guaranteed of the best quality repair work? Yes. Not only do the recommended body shops incorporate the latest equipment and technology but they also employ highly trained technicians to ensure the professional completion of any vehicle repair task.

• How long will it take to have your vehicle repaired? HARP agents ensure that you'll get your vehicle back in the shortest time possible by monitoring the repair progress at the body shop and giving you any necessary feedback during this time.

• Will your service/maintenance plan be affected? No. All Hyundai Approved Body Shops guarantee the use of only genuine Hyundai parts, which ensures that the quality and safety guarantees you received upon purchasing your new Hyundai vehicle remain intact. Plus, you can rest assured that your vehicle's resale value is preserved.

• What does the HARP service cost? Not a single cent. This free service forms part of the Korean brand's lifelong commitment to its valued customers.

Another advantage of the Hyundai Approved Repairer Programme is that it will help Hyundai owners to save on insurance. HARP promotes a closer working relationship between the brand, assessors, insurance companies and body shops to ensure the lowest possible repair costs along with the use of guaranteed auto components which will ensure lower premiums for all.

Making use of the HARP service is quick, easy and free. You can either phone Hyundai Automotive South Africa on 0860 CARFIX during office hours, SMS the word PANEL to 33461 (at R1.50 per SMS) or submit your details online. A professional team member will contact you soon thereafter to provide you with all the necessary information to kick-start the repair process and get you back on the road behind the wheel of your beloved Hyundai vehicle.


Source by Kamesh G