There are expensive cars and there are non expensive ones. Some buy them out of need, some buy out of fondness. And maybe there are other types as well. But not all cars are similar. Many car lovers like collecting expensive sports cars. This is certainly a very expensive habit. Not everyone can follow it though. Such a habit becomes all the more difficult to follow when you want to have a Lamborghini Reventon. This is not because it is an ultra expensive sports car, but also because it is a limited edition car. Of course this is one of the major factors that add to its price though. Lamborghini manufactured only 20 Reventon cars and only one additional car which got manufactured for Lamborghini museum. It was produced in 2007 and now, you can buy just from some previous buyer.

Lamborghini Reventon is one of the most powerful cars in the world. The engine is a 6.5 liter twelve cylinder V12 engine that cranks up a whopping 661 horsepower at 8000 rpm and can generate maximum torque around 660 NM at 6000 rpm. It comes with a 6 speed manual transmission. Reventon can zoom from zero to 62 miles per hour in a just 3.4 seconds which is unbelievably awesome. It attains a top speed of 340 kilometers per hour. The displacement it provides is powerful 6496 cc.

The interiors of the car look like a cockpit of F 22 fighter jet. The looks and feel of the interiors are strikingly similar. Of course being a car it does not have all those sci-fi gadgets and meters inside though. The front and rear ends are extended because of which the car gets a unique feel. The seats and other elements have two tone high-quality Alcantara materials which gives it a classy and posh look. It is also loaded with an interesting and unique gadget, the G Force Meter which makes it stand out in longitudinal acceleration. If you thought the resemblance of the interiors is just a coincidence, think again because the exteriors are simply inspired by F 22 Raptor. The body shape was available in 2 body forms; one is simply Reventon and other is the Reventon Roadster.

2012 Lamborghini Reventon has arguably the greatest looks for a sports car. The various acute and obtuse angles that it has give it a unique appearance. This appearance exudes power, strength and performance which are at the core of a Lamborghini vehicle. It is interesting to know that Lamborghini Reventon was named after a fighting bull (a tradition with Lamborghini though) called Reventon who killed the famous bull fighter Felix Guzman of Mexico. Its looks do exude the strength symbolized by the bull. The exterior has majorly carbon fiber which is the reason behind the comparatively less weight. The design is simply stunning and a sure head turner.

Talking about the pros and cons, we figure the biggest con may be the price. It is one of the priciest cars around. It has a number of pros, be it the power, speed, looks, technology and even the brand itself which is known for best-in-class sports cars.


Source by Amit Vicky Ahuja