Is the world really getting more and more concerned about our environment? Are we really getting more conscious about what we do so that we actually do not add to the destruction of nature?

Well, it looks like such for the market is constantly bombarded with consumers who are looking for clean and fuel efficient vehicles. Most consumers are no longer looking for really sporty and performance driven types of vehicles. Right now, their main concern is the environment and their pocket.

One very clear example of such is the recent order of electric vehicles. The well known manufacturer of electric vehicles, ZAP, just received its largest order in its entire existence in the industry. After all, the total amount of the order has crept up to US $79 million.

Such a huge order came about from The Electric Vehicle Company, or more commonly referred to as the EVC, which is a company based in Chicago. This group is one of those businesses who are making sure that they do send out word to all ordinary consumers about electric transportation that do not help pollute the environment but also is quite light on the pocket.

According to ZAP's chief head honcho, Steve Schneider, the whole order of US$79 million is actually not just for electric cars. The order also does include a variety of electric vehicles like trucks. He also did further mention that would the orders be filled out in 12 months, EVC would be receiving a discount of 8% from the total deal.

Schneider also does continue to disclose, “We believe this order, which constitutes thousands of vehicles, is the largest order for consumer electric vehicles in history.” And with that statement it seems like he does have a point. In fact, not even huge companies like Active Brakes Direct or Ford have yet to experience such a huge order for their products.

“Many municipalities have been talking recently about mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, so we are grateful to be involved in this historic effort,” Schneider also does continue to express. This is after Schneider did mention that last March, quite a huge amount of concerned individuals, groups and organizations have voiced out their concerns in Congress calling for the lawmakers to give limits when it comes to carbon dioxide and other harmful gases emissions.

Source by Anthony Fontanelle