Although Porsche's amazing and iconic SUV Cayenne has been very popular all the while, the company seems to be on a futuristic roll as it plans to produce and release a e-hybrid version of the SUV soon! Now you might wonder that isn't the Cayenne already available in a hybrid version. Well, yes it does come in a hybrid version, but the electric motors aren't as strong as they should be and the hybrid drive isn't of the plug in type. Porsche plans to incorporate these upgrades into the current version! Yes, the Cayenne Hybrid is just going to be better than ever!

It will be quite worthy to mention here that Porsche very recently released a similarly hybridised version of the amazing Panamera, which was received with utmost ecstasy by critics as well as automobile freaks! And we must say that Porsche has indeed created a monster by adding the hybrid drive to the Panamera. Now that Porsche has tasted the awesomeness that it was blessed with, the company planned of converting the iconic SUV in the same way!

The electric motor that Cayenne will be equipped with is expected to provide an output ranging from 95 horsepower to 100 horsepower. If Porsche uses the same V6 supercharged engine that Cayenne comes with now, then the total output will exceed 420 horsepower, as the V6 produces a power of 333 horsepower by itself! Enough to feed the appetite of the craziest of all speed freaks! Also, Porsche plans to launch another upgraded version in the United States of America which will feature an even more insane engine! What else would you call a 4100cc V8 twin-turbo diesel engine which is capable of producing a power of 377 horsepower and a torque of 627 lb. – ft.!?

Talking about the electric motor that Porsche is going to use, we expect it to deliver a power which lays around 100 horsepower, as mentioned above. Rumours have it that the company plans to design the vehicle such that it is capable of running more than 15 miles if drove solely on electricity. However, the German company doesn't seem to settle on any compromise when it comes to power. Even if you are running on electricity only, your Cayenne would bless you with a four wheel drive. This is clearly suggested by the fact that the electric motor is positioned between the engine and transmission. On the other hand, the hybridised Panamera features a rear wheel drive.

Besides using a stronger and plug in type hybrid, Porsche plans t incorporate a number of new features to the already amazing Cayenne. One of such features might be the e-charge, which Porsche flaunted with its new hybridised version of the Panamera. This feature comes in handy when you are travelling into a city from outside, and is driver-selectabel. The feature, when switched on by the driver, is capable of increasing the engine output over the motor for some time. This helps in recharging the battery so that you can travel on a fully charged battery in the only electricity mode while running in city! We hope that Porsche incorporates this feature in the new Cayenne. The SUV is expected to be in markets in 2014.


Source by Zachary J Taylor